Do you have a question and looking for solution? Are you willing to know what is written in your destiny? Do you have an social or business problem and looking for solution? You can open your heart and ask Sidharth your questions.
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ज्‍योतिष : कब हो नववधू का गृह प्रवेश [When bride should take her first step in sasural : astrologically auspicious timing]
विवाह के बाद सबसे महत्‍वपूर्ण सवाल सामने होता है कि वधू को किस दिन गृह प्रवेश कराया जाए। मुहूर्त शास्‍त्र में इस संबंध में कई नियम बताए हैं। ...
Seldom we find some one who is sensitive and can empathies with individuals according to the situations. Mr. Sidharth jagannath Joshi, comes across with a refreshing warmth, sharing a level of confidence where one open ups to share their heart out. Astrology in Indian comes in many forms and methods. My experience with Mr. Joshi is a one which is practical and way of life; he has vast experience on both astrology as well as vastu – his intricate and detailed knowledge on both the domains give him the added advantage of offering solutions and remedies which are practical and once way of life – so to say that the remedies are so simple that you do not feel burdened by them. I personally found his tips and small observations very interesting and at times effective. Wishing him the very best. Thank You
– Shashank Bhattacharya, Businessman, Jaipur