Do you have a question and looking for solution? Are you willing to know what is written in your destiny? Do you have an social or business problem and looking for solution? You can open your heart and ask Sidharth your questions.
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BIKANERI Bhujiya and taste eager Jatakas
जो जातक पहली बार कुण्‍डली दिखाता है वह इतना जैनुइन होता है कि उसे जो कुछ बताते हैं वह सटीक पड़ता हुआ महसूस होता है। मैं यहां कह रहा हूं कि महसूस होता है। कई बार फलादेश सटीक हो...
I have no word to express the super and fantabulous calculation of Gurudev (Sidharth Jagannath Joshi) even by date. Gurudev is truly amazing I can say in my words that a Guide with deep knowledge of our old science who can mix and explain everything logically with new technology and scientific logics in his area of work that is astrology. Gurudev knowledge reflects in his advise, his remedies and on top of that on his blog. Everything Gurudev explain or suggest is like "bulls eye". I must say Gurudev is not like traditional astrologer. he is one who can guide you from dark to light. I felt it personally in my life. Gurdev also wrote a book name Joytish Darshan. My suggestion if you want to "feel/touch" Joytish one should read the book.
– Alok K Sinha, Project Lead, Wipro, Singapore (Client)