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Hanuman for etarnel Ram and Ramkaaj
प्रत्येक वह व्यक्तित्व जो यह गुण-स्वाभाव-चरित्र अपने में समाहित कर सकता हैं वह अनंत राम की अनंत ​ रामायणों के अनंत हनुमानों में से एक हनुमान हैं। हम ज्यों ज्यों अपने मान का ...
I sincerely admire you as an intellectual person, over the period of my 20 years stay in the US, I came across people from all over the world and have a better perspective of how people think differently, I am amazed to read some of your writings . Due to my personal challenges, I also came across many so called Swami's, gurus, not to mention several astrologers and it is extremely painful conclusion which I came on to is that almost 90% of this so called spiritual people are just doing it as their profession and take advantage of people when they are going through rough times, but hats off to you for keeping people's faith alive in our deep rooted spiritual base along with veTry ancient science of astrology.
– Neeta Gupta, LA, USA (Client)